Parents Grandparents Greate grandparents Great great grandparents
EC Norsycat Cappuccino
MCO n 22
CH Stlaszloi Famous
MCO e 23
CH Advent Hill Wolf
MCO n 23
RW Advent Hill Red Ryder
Advent Hil Mariel
Avricoon's Hotspot of Stlaszloi
MCO f 22
IC Lovelyness Sheridan
Royal Mainlys Bridget Lane
Kiara the Magic One of Norsycat
MCO n 09 22
IC Erdbach's Mel
MCO n 22
GIC Guldfakse's Ottawa
Adina v.Langstteich
CH Witchcats Cutey
MCO n 09 23
Coonquest Chieftain TJ
ST John's Katie
IC Idril Lavender Love*PL
MCO ns 09
IC Dylan Lavender Love*PL
MCO n 09 22
IC Moulin de Crecy Tennessee
MCO d 22
SGC Moulincrecy Nobody But Me
Coupecoeur Graffiti of Moulin de Crecy
IC Love Hulen's Framby
MCO f 09 22
Hylsyde Tacomah
Love Hulen's Terne'
EC Moilin de Crecy Tequila
MCO ns
SGC Willowplace Nautilus of Moulincrecy
MCO ns 09 22
SGC Willoplace Jubilation of Winfield
Mysticoon Honeymoon of Willowplace
Mainacadia Swallow of Moulincrecy
MCO n 09 22
EC Hillside Phoebus
Moulincrecy Nympho