Parents Grandparents Greate grandparents Great great grandparents
CH Walentino of Baydar
MCO n 09 22
EC Willowplace Shakari of Superstars
N 09 22
Willowplace Shenandoah
N 09 23
US.Sup.GR.CH. Megacoon Rocking Cyrus
Willowplace Party Doll
Willowplace Spellcaster
N 22
US.GR.CH. Willowplace Jubilation
US.GR.CH. Willowplace Witches Brew
Rhapsody in Blue of Baydar
F 09 22
CH Yankee Cats Elton John of Baydar EC Weidebusch's Percy of Yankee Cats
US.CH./CH. Chamberlain's Apanatchee of Yankee Cats
Okefenokee of Baydar
F 09 22
CH. Pillowtalk's Bodyguard
CH.Weidebusch's Wichita of Baydar
Super-Star's Savannah
F 09 23
CH Quentino of Magic Lake
DS 09 22
GIC St. John's Avalon
NS 09 22
CH. Coonyham Buster Brown
Colocoon's Silver Sprite
*CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa
FS 22
Witchcats Smoke on the Water
Witchcats Little Hellfire
CH Masaitana Jasmin of Superstars
F 09 23
Napavalley Hatari of Masaitana
N 09 23
CH. Chaudvent Rosie Grear of Tradewinds
St. Clouds Silver Dawn
Willowplace Duma
F 22
*Supr.GC.St.Clouds Silverdude of Willowplace
*DGC.Willowplace Clementine