Parents Grandparents Greate grandparents Great great grandparents
GIC A*Csak's Coon Armando
MCO d 22
GIC MCKittycreek Reddy
MCO d 09 22
Capecoon's Brewster of Mainekat
MCO n 22
Capecoon's Lucas
Capecoon's Cassidy of Ledgewood
CH Shubacoons evita of MCKittycreek
MCO f 09 23
GP RW Masteast Jonathan Edwards, DM
Freedomkatt Xcelle of Shubacoons
Willowplace Merry of Csakscoon
MCO f 22
Tabbyskins Santa Fe of Willowplace
MCO ds 22
CH Maycoons Madawaska of Tabbyskins
Illya's Honeysuckle Rose
Willowplace Magnificent Maude
MCO n 22
Willowplace Shenandoah
Willowplace Spellcaster
DK Fribanikos Jenera
MCO n 22
EC Elmer of Mainehouse DK
MCO n 22
William of Mainehouse DK
MCO n 22
Love Hulen's Cowboy Joe
DK Jensen's Victoria
DK Wytopitlock Mae
MCO f 22
DK Santor's Ismael
GIC DK*Karisma's Exiting Xenia
IC Langstteich's Ca'risma
MCO n 09 22
EC WW'98,00,01
Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons
MCO n 09 22
GIC WW'95'96 DK*Maine-Mark's Dakota
WW'00 DK*Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers
Bear's Circus Princess
MCO n 22
IC DK*Santor's Cool, Blue and Shady
DK*Cozy Farm Hot Cheyenne